These works feature characters I made, as well as other stories & scenarios I used to make up as a child. I consumed a lot of cartoons and comics, and I always wanted to make some of my own. Some aspects of my stories and characters changed over time as I got older but the overall essence of these characters has mostly stayed intact.


In these works, I’m telling the story of a human woman who has a chance encounter with an alien being; she goes back to his home planet with him and the two of them start a life & a family together, and eventually, their daughter ends up starting her own journey with her new friend.


A major theme of my work presented here (as well as a majority of my works in general) is escapism. In lieu of time travel or intergalactic travel, fiction is a way for people to travel to different worlds and, for a brief moment, escape the problems and strife of their life.


Unlike her mother, Lucinda is someone who knows about certain aspects of her mother’s home planet and has visited it many times but has ultimately never known the pain and strife of it. Her view of the world has been formed from living on her father’s home planet; a planet devoid of poverty, discrimination, subjugation, and all other forms of bigotry.


All these things that caused Shanika to suffer on Earth are nonexistent on her current home planet, and so she tried to make sure that Lucinda will have a life where she does not have to endure the same treatment: a life of pure freedom.


In addition to having these infinite resources, Lucinda also has her new friend Alex, a child who mysteriously came from the sky one day and has incredible abilities, including the ability to travel to any world or dimension of her choosing. With Alex & her parents by her side, as well as others in her family’s community, Luci is able to live out her childhood unbound by limitations and Shanika is content that she is able to provide these kinds of freedoms, not just for her family, but for herself, as well.