A Constant Battle Between Fear,
& Anxiety

With India Ink, Prisma, and graphite I wish to convey the constant battle with fear, anxiety, and serenity. The pushing efforts of serenity do not matter, fear and anxiety demand to be felt and it always overpower the efforts of serenity.

The theme around my artwork has always been morbid and/or sad. While I will stick with that same central theme, the true theme or idea of the pieces will come from the viewers. These five works will contrast within the pieces individualistically, rather than against one another separately. To take that a bit further, the contrasting theme will be that of anxiety, fear, and serenity. The goal and hope are to show a component representation of serenity and representation of anxiety and fear, as well as presenting a push and pull fight between them. Each piece is going to be literal in sense of objectiveness, but non-representational to the theme and/or concept of the works. As I stated above, my artwork is usually morbid or sad because that is where my interest lies.

The history of the five works comes from all over the world. In each part of the world, there are different ways that people tend to say the same thing when putting a phrase on an action or feeling. Each piece is centralized with some type of phrase and/or action and feeling. It is important to remember that although they have that “world phrase” point in common, that is not the common factor to focus on. Rather the focus should be on the components of anxiety, fear, and serenity and how they clash. As well as how one seems to be consuming the other. Each piece will show the components of anxiety, fear, and serenity. In some of the pieces, the components that represent anxiety, fear, and serenity will also surround an action as well.

The components that represent serenity would be that of the bright and heavily saturated colors in the squares. I went with squares because they are socially viewed as the “perfect” geometric shape and when artists use them, they are usually rendered as such.

However, the squares also connect with the anxiety component being that they are not rendered “perfectly” but rather warps the closer they get to the black India ink which is the fear component. Some will tend to see how non “perfectly" geometric the squares are before they focus on the heavily saturated bright colors within them, it just depends on the viewer. I believe depending on which the viewer recognizes first also gives an insight to their own serenity and anxiety/fear as well.