Quiauna Wood



My collection of pieces is to symbolize two different people coming from two different walks of life. From birth to young adult years, all the positive and negative aspects play a huge part in who they are today. From the outskirts into the middle, they eventually find hope, love, and life both within themselves and in one another. Prospering and overcoming their past and awaiting their future.

​I chose to use chalks, charcoals, and oil pastels—alternating between blacks and white pieces (charcoals) and colorful (chalks and oil pastels). To bring out the beauty in the chaos that comes with growing up in this life, I focus on the Black anatomy of both man and woman bodies. I also incorporated a “word vomit,” sending a sense of a variety of messages in each piece. I purposefully made the words written in the faces and the bodies correspond with the woman and man's personal life. The other words whether they are bold or in signs are meant to potentially correlate with anyone looking at the works.

The pieces read from the outskirts inward to the middle piece. From babies on the outside growing up to the young adult period of life. Things get harder and more stressful and it is easy to lose oneself and become low in spirit as shown in the single images of the woman and man. The middle piece depicts the joy and struggles to find someone who can relate to and identify with the pain of the past— it is a beautiful thing,  We can be strong by ourselves, but we are stronger together and that wisdom comes with growing up, evolving, changing…. maturing.