The Cycle of Anxiety


Most of my work tends to revolve around expressing my own struggles with anxiety, and these works are no exception. I tend to feel like I’m stuck in a repeating cycle of highs and lows, it’s become a part of the way I handle anxiety now. That’s what I tried to illustrate in these works, five pieces that are a part of a set with a beginning, middle, and end, and everything in between. To better illustrate the highs and lows of my anxiety, I used a mixture of watercolor, colored pencils, ink pens, and paint markers to get the desired effects. The imagery of a long rabbit serves as the creature being afflicted by said anxiety. 

​The imagery in my works goes further than just a rabbit being afflicted by my anxiety. The rabbit serves a deeper meaning. While the rabbit is a representation of myself, it also represents a type of anxiety derived from being forced into adulthood. The rabbit begins as having no sharp edges and colored a soft pink, this is intended to make the rabbit look very innocent and unassuming, like a child. While the blue lines that reach out and corrupt the rabbit make it jagged and sharp while also causing wounds to appear all over its body. This is meant to show the harsh reality of growing up, and how many of us don’t get to choose when we do get to become mature. This jaggedness and wounds representing how people become more abrasive and get hurt by others as they grow older. The colors of the rabbit also reflect the differences in adulthood, as blue is often seen as a very adult color while pink is seen as a childish one. 

​While I have used many mediums in the creation of these pieces, it wasn’t a random decision to use these media specifically. Watercolor was used as a base to ensure I had covered everything, which isn’t anything new, but it’s the other media that matter the most. By using ink pens and colored pencils I could create a sense of order for the calmer sections of the cycle, showing a more serene atmosphere for the rabbit to relax in. When it came to the ink pens with the colored pencils, I used them in a way to simulate electricity by using fast jagged lines to change the atmosphere to a more chaotic one.