We open the door to our “rooms” and shed light on our experiences

Watch our opening reception today 2-4 pm
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The Goodall Gallery at Columbia College, Columbia, SC proudly presents its annual senior B.A. exhibition entitled, The FIGHT Within, highlighting the works of art majors: Aleah Colbert, Jesse Guyton, Taylor Curry, Victoria Jackman, and Quiauna Wood.


The FIGHT Within

We all have experienced or are facing various types of struggles in our lives. Anxiety, stress, oppression, and fear plague a person daily in various shapes and forms. Unless these struggles are openly talked about, they go unnoticed by others. This exhibition exposes the internal struggles that we, the artists, experience. Instead of leaving these struggles in the dark, we open the door to our “rooms” and shed light on our experiences. Through our work, we want to create a sense of community and reassurance. By showing that we, too, deal with these various issues, we let others know that they are not alone.